97 - Good Health to You


A friend was round for tea, and she rubbed her eye, mentioned that it was bothering her. Didn't feel any compassion to minister, so I let it go. Later, she mentioned in a text that she'd had laser eye surgery before, which had fixed her eyes. She also told me she knew the warning signs, that she had everything under control, and that she wouldn't ignore any problems should they arise.

Well, I thought about that, and it reminded me of an old woman in the village years earlier who had a serious eye infection. She was a staunch Free Church woman, went to church every week her whole life, and there she was, wandering around the village with a huge bandage over her eye. I believe all she needed was antibiotics. Whenever anyone asked her about it, she told them that God was going to heal her.

She died.

Anyway, this was in the back of my mind all afternoon, and eventually I asked God about it. I'd not felt any compassion inside, so there had been no green light to minister, I knew that, but was there anything else I could do? His short reply rocked my world and left me in a state of stunned wonder. This is game changing, so listen up, this is going to set a lot of people free from a lot of mental and medical dungeons. Here's what he said.

Would Jesus Christ have fed the five thousand if there had been a shop nearby?

Chapter 98 - Paul's Thorn in the Flesh