68 - The British Olympic Opening Ceremony 2012

Hailed as a triumphant celebration of everything British, the opening olympic ceremony was televised around the world to billions. I watched it too, but I had to watch it until almost the end to figure out what it was all about spiritually.

As we know, the god of this world moves the courses of the world through religious secret societies who practice witchcraft. The most obvious symbol of their religion is the pyramid with the all seeing eye. Well, check these images. Notice anything?


Need a clue? Okay, here's a clue.

See the pyramids and eyes now?

And here's one from the BBC olympics website, showcasing the illuminating of the stadium from eyes within the pyramids, as well as being displayed in the most prominent spot on the BBC website.

The London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony was nothing more than a huge witchcraft ritual to the god of this world. The olympic torch, which was carried around almost the entire British Isles, symbolised the fire of witchcraft. The culmination was the all seeing eye flaring up as the torches came together and were raised in the midst of the pyramids. Everyone there was part of a huge witchcraft ceremony worshipping the god of this world, and most didn't even know it.

Well, here's something to think about. The olympic torch never came to Sutherland in the Highlands of Scotland where this class was being written.

Chapter 69 - The Making of a Patriarch